Welcome to my journey, of living a Christ centered life. Through, God, Family, Friends, and whatever else God blesses me with.

This home was one of those blessings. We moved to Ohio from Arizona in 2007 and made this house a home. We lived here for 15 years. That is the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere. A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this home but it because we wanted to, not because we had to. This home carries so many first and amazing memories for me and my family and will always be my children’s “childhood home”. BUT…a home is where we are together right? The family, faith, and love is what really makes the house a home. That is at least what I have been telling myself for the last 3 months, since we have decided to start a new journey. In October of 2022 I had a crazy idea or at least that is what my husband tells everyone. God put an idea, a new adventure, a new story on my heart. I shared that crazy idea with my husband and he said “You’re crazy!”.
The crazy idea was to sell our home and move into my father-in-laws 1988 home in Lagrange, Ohio. Sell our beautiful home, that we worked so hard on for 15 years, to make just perfect. Well to my husbands surprise, it SOLD, fast. We listed, sold, and closed on our home in less than a month. Even I was surprised and it was my idea.
My father-in-law was living in his parents home and was in the process of building a new, smaller home. He was going to list his parents home for sale in the spring of 2023. It is 2300 sqft, with 4 acres, and 2 large outbuildings. It has plenty of room but my favorite part…it was only 1 mile, 5 minutes from our kids school. For the last 15 years we lived 20 minutes (on a good day) from the school. Just this fall I was making 5 trips a day. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I spent over 3 hours a day in my car driving. I had always wanted to live closer to the school but it never made sense to move, until now. We were planning on moving in 4 years, once my son graduated from High School. God had other plans. We will live here, in Lagrange, until God says otherwise. We will do as we have done before. We will make this house a home. We will fill it with family, faith and love. We will make more memories living the life we love and creating a story worth telling.