Happy New Year!!

Well I did it!! My first New Years resolution is complete. I have thought about starting a Blog for about a year and I was not about to wait another. If you don’t know already I LOVE to DIY!!!

I had so much fun in 2014 building, sewing, and crafting.

In 2014 I made over 75 Infinity Scarves


Over 35 Pallet Creations


Over 50 Sewing Projects


And about 30 Handmade Christmas Presents


I am so excited about 2015!!

I can’t wait to start posting some of my new creations but before I do, I want to share a few photos of my personal favorites from 2014.

The Scrap Wood See Saw

Thanks to Ana White for the FREE Plans


My First Quilt

Thanks to my talented sister’s Blog for lots of helpful tips.


The Boutique Apron designed by Needles & Nails

Hoping to publish the pattern soon.


Thank you to everyone who has followed my Facebook Page and shopped Needles & Nails in 2014.

Hope you will continue to follow me here at My New Blog.

With ❤


Needles & Nails


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks Michelle! Unfortunately because of the crazy, busy, Christmas rush I wasn’t able to take photos of everything 😦
      But I can tell you what I made 🙂 A Monster Art Bag, Story Time Pillow, Boggie Board Case, 3 Nail Wraps, Apron, 4 Hanging Tea Towels, Casserole Carrier, Decorative Pillow, 2 Etched Mugs, 2 Deer Wall Signs, 2 Christmas Infinity Scarves, Grandkids Photo Sign, Blessings Photo Sign, Giant Dino Pillow, 2 Boppy Pillow Covers, Boat Bag, and 2 French Hemmed Pillow Cases. That kind of sounded like the 12 Days of Christmas, haha. Let me know which one you would like to see and I will Blog about it. I had fun making all of them 🙂

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