Hailey’s Bed & Mirror Project


My daughter Hailey is growing up SO fast. Every time I clean her room I am finding things that she has out grown. For the last few years she has been out growing more than her clothes, she has out grown her baby room 😦 A few years ago I built her a loft bed. She loved it for about 3 years and then she started hitting her head on the celling and felt cramped. So as much as it pained me, I took it down last summer. Since then she has just been sleeping on her mattresses, on the floor. Not a big deal because they are a couple feet high. We also painted her room to give it more of a big girl feel… NEON GREEN! It took awhile but it grew on me. I also built her a desk and bought her a marker board. All she wanted for her birthday last year was a big marker board. I actually found a school size one at Habitat Re-Store for only $5. It took some cleaning but she loved it 🙂

So that brings me to my most recent projects, a bed and a mirror. The mirror was a picture frame that I picked up at Goodwill for $3 about 2 years ago. It was gold and brown, ugliest mirror ever! I’m not sure what I was thinking when I bought it but I thought it had potential. I didn’t know anything about re-painting and tried just spray painting it white, FAIL! It would not stick and kept peeling off. So behind a pile of stuff in the garage it went. The head board and foot board I found just recently at Habitat Re-Store for only $12.


I started with the bed. I debated painting it, since I was going to keep it white but it was very dirty. I couldn’t get all the dirt and scuffs off by scrubbing.


I painted it with 2 coats of primer and then a coat of Latex Semi-Gloss White paint. I also bought 2, 1″x 6″x 8′ boards to use as my railing. I cut them to 73″ long. I sanded them and did the same steps of priming and painting to them as well. Sorry for the poor lighting, it is winter and I have to work from the basement.


Then I cut a scarp 1″x 4″ x 69″ in half with the table saw. I used them for strips to run across the bottoms of the 1 x 6’s. These were to support wood slats that I cut as wide as the rails were going to be apart, 38 3/8″, to support the box spring.


Next, I had to figure out how to attach the rails to the head and foot boards. During this step I realized that the head board and foot board don’t even go together. The slits for railings didn’t match up. Not a big deal because I was going to use brackets anyways. Ok, next I will skip the whole 2 day process of me trying to put all this together because it is too stressful to relive, haha. Just do me a favor, if you decide to build your own bed do what I did NOT do and buy these brackets. For only $16.95 on Amazon you will save yourself so much time and so many headaches.81+rZ2vsRjL._SL1000_

Once I put it all together I was very happy with it 🙂

Especially when my daughter said “thank you Mom, I love it”. All the tears and stress were worth it. Now, why did I not just go out and buy her a new bed, because I have issues ok, no really I am addicted to DIY. I have to do everything myself and on a budget.


My daughter LOVES Paris! She has inherited all my Paris decor. I used to have a little Paris addiction myself. It doesn’t all match but she doesn’t care.

Next was the mirror. Since it had been buried in the garage it took some cleaning with a damp rag. After that I sanded very lightly away some of the peeling spray paint. Then Hailey helped me paint 2 coats of primer on it. I was so happy to see that it was sticking. It looked so much better already. This picture is just the first coat of primer.


After the 2 coats of primer had dried I painted the frame with a turquoise blue satin paint. I wanted a glossy look but I didn’t want to spend a lot on paint. So I bought a jar of Valspar sample paint from Lowes for $2.98. Then I spray painted it with a high gloss polyurethane.

Next, I needed a mirror. I had no idea this would be the hard part. I looked EVERYWHERE for a 16″ x 20″ mirror, no luck. So I decided to cut a mirror I already had. My neighbor gave me his old (1978) bathroom mirror last year and it was just collecting dust in my basement. I also bought a glass cutter a while back but had never used it. So after watching several YouTube videos I ask my husband if he would help me try to cut the mirror. We read the directions on the cutter package but it didn’t work. We had broken mirror glass everywhere. He looked at me and said “sorry, good luck” and walked away. AHH! I hate it when he says that! It just makes me want to try again, to prove to him I can do it. So I did I gave it another shot and… FAIL, it didn’t work! Just more broken mirror. I put the biggest scrap in the basement and threw the rest away. But I wasn’t done, I knew it could be done. I thought about that stupid mirror all week long. I decided to look on Pinterest for a DIY video even though I had already watched several. I found a tutorial by The CutestBlog on the Block as I was watching it I realized what I had been doing wrong all this time…OIL! OIL! I can’t believe I forgot. So I ran down stair and got all the supplies together again. I said a quick prayer and…

YES!! It worked! It was so easy. I felt so stupid but I was just soooo happy I did it. Before I placed the mirror in the frame I colored the trim where the mirror was going to sit black, with a paint pen. This was so the reflection would not show on the mirror when hung. I placed the cut mirror piece in the frame and secured it with brackets in the corners so that it wouldn’t fall out.


I also put a piece of cardboard and paper behind the mirror glass. If the mirror gets scratched at all from behind it, it will show through.


Then I made sure the chain that I was hanging it from was secure and strong because this mirror was heavy. I also made sure that I mounted it from a stud in the wall to support the weight and…

the Mirror was DONE!!


IMG_3876 IMG_3877


The only thing left to do in her room now is finish her quilt and Paris pillows. I was going to wait to share these photos until it was finished but I have no idea when that will be 🙂

Built with ❤


Needles & Nails


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