DIY Ana White Teeter Totter/ Seesaw From Scrap Wood

When it’s -6 degrees outside, all you want to do is think about warmer weather. I was looking through some old pictures and stumbled across the pictures I took of the kids new Teeter Totter. I loved making this and wanted to share it with you.


In the summer of 2012 I was looking for a fun weekend project for my son and I to do together. I had recently found a website that had FREE woodworking plans by Ana White. I LOVE everything she builds!! My son picked the Birthday SeeSaw Plan.

The supplies I needed were:

2 – 2×4 @ 8 feet long (I used pressure treated so it would last longer outside)

2 – 2×6 @ 8 feet long (I used scrap wood I had for these)

1 – 10” 5/8” bolt with nut and four washers (I found these at Rural King, they sell them by the pound)

1 – 1×8 @ 3 feet long for the seat (I used scrap wood again)

1 – 24” 1” dowel or closet rod (I used a PVC pipe scrap I had)

3″ Wood Screws (also bought at Rural King)

Foam for the seats (I bought a piece of 14″ x 18″ foam at Wal-Mart and cut it in half)

Outdoor Fabric for seats (I had some scraps from some cushions I had made)

My total costs for this project were less than $15 because I had most of the materials.

Once all the pieces were cut the building went pretty smoothly. We finished it all in 1 day. I probably could have worked quicker but someone very little and unexperienced wanted to do all the drilling and screwing 🙂 The directions were very easy to follow and I would recommend checking out the other plans Ana White has available too, when you are done with this project.


The weather was beautiful that day.


She did NOT lose her teeth riding the Seesaw 🙂


This is the cheapest and most used outdoor toy I have ever made for my kids. I built it almost 3 years ago and they still play with it.


We even had my neighbors help me test its strength and weight limit. My husband would kill me if he knew I posted this picture, hehe. I think the whole neighborhood has road on the seesaw…not always at once 🙂

Built with ❤


Needles & Nails

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