The Marilyn Dress Pattern by Serendipity Studios

I had the opportunity to make The Marilyn Dress for my sister and I had so much fun with it. I have made dresses before but they were for my 9 year old daughter and her dolls but never in a womens size. I was worried about making this dress for someone who lives 2000 miles away and I couldn’t have her try it on as I went. I just had to go off her measurements and hope it fits ok. I took several photos of the making of this dress and I wanted to share them with you. I was nervous going into this but I have a lot more confidence now and can’t wait to make my next dress.

This pattern is available at PileO’

SDG130_grandeThese were my sisters fabric choices. BEAUTIFUL!!


Here are the photos of all the patterns steps.IMG_5633











Photo of my sister Alyssa at Quiltcon in here new dress 🙂

She looks beautiful!!

Handmade with ❤


Needles & Nails

One thought on “The Marilyn Dress Pattern by Serendipity Studios

  1. I have made this dress so many times for myself. I am about to make one for my sister who lives about 1000 miles away. She gave me her measurements and that is all I am going off of as well. I am a little nervous, but I am sure it will come out alright. You did a wonderful job, and your sister looks great in her dress.

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