Mason Jar Soap Pump and Matching Bathroom Set

Tonights project was finding a place to put the kids toothpaste and tooth brushes in their bathroom. They don’t have a medicine cabinet or drawers. They end up all over the place or glued to the counter with toothpaste. I had seen pictures of painted Mason Jars for a bathroom set and thought that might be an easy fix. I had no idea how easy.

First, I went through all my extra canning jars in the basement and found 5 matching ones and a few lids.

IMG_4137Next I picked out the color paint I wanted and grabbed a foam brush.


I am a little paint crazy. I look for the OOPS cans at the hardware store for $5 or less. I have quite the paint collection going 🙂


I set the jars upside down on a paper towel and painted the outsides. After the paint was dry I gave them a very light sanding to add age and sprayed them with a satin clear coat.


Then I was on the hunt through the house looking for a soap pump that I could use. I found this, almost empty, hand sanitizer bottle. Perfect!


I put a lid on the jar I was going to use for the soap and nailed a hole in the center. I used a 1″ drill bit to make a larger hole for the pump to sit in. I measured the part of the pump where the spring is and it was 1 1/4″.


Once I had my 1″ hole cut out, I made little slits all the way around it with a knife. Then used needle nose plyers to bend the metal down into the jar.


The pump fit perfectly in the hole and was not coming out. To make it a water proof fit I used hot glue around the bottom.


I filled the jar 1/4″ of the way with hand soap and the rest with water. It works great!!

My kids love foam soap 🙂

Trying to decide if I should put the metal rings on the top of the open jars? hmmm…


The other 2 were for cotton balls and qutips.

IMG_4148 IMG_4151 IMG_4152


I think that whole project took me maybe an hour. The soap pump was so much easier than I was expecting. I almost bought a jar soap pump the other day for $15. Doing it myself cost $0, yay!

I am very happy with the way they turned out.

Made with ❤


Needles & Nails

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