The beginning of my new love for puzzles

A few weeks ago cabin fever was kicking in, so we decided to take a family road trip to the Amish country. There was an Amish Tool show I really wanted to check out in Dalton, Ohio. On the way down we made our usual stops by The Smucker Company, Lehman’s, and lunch, in this supper yummy restaurant that I can never remember the name of. We followed our GPS to the address for the Tool show and found this huge building but there weren’t many cars. My husband suggested we just run in and see if this was the right place. There was a huge lobby and stairs going up to a second floor. It definitely was not the tool show but we were curious to what was up there. Once I got up the stairs I saw a big sign that said P. Graham Dunn.


It was their factory!! There was a very large show room surrounded by windows looking down into the factory. My husband had never heard of them, but me being the lover of all kinds of home decor, I knew exactly who they were. I was in HEAVEN! If you have never heard of them you have probably seen their stuff at The Family Christian Book Store, Cracker Barrel, and every little country gift shop in Ohio. There was so much to look at and in just the first 10 minutes, I was already over flowing with decoration inspiration. It was like Pinterest come to life. Ok, enough of my emotions, this is what it looked like.


In the back of the showroom was another big room full of discounted and discontinued decor.


The newest collection is pallet at.IMG_4022

After spending hours there watching them make everything and looking around I decided I had to have some of their puzzle art. They go together like a big puzzle on your wall. I just thought that was the coolest idea. They had hundreds of designs to pick from, by far the hardest part. This is what their display looks like.


Supper cute, right? I started with 3 and can’t wait to get more.


I made sure to leave room to grow 🙂


Of course I found other things too but the puzzles were my favorite.

IMG_4019Just wanted to share my new obsession with you. You can find the puzzles and who sells them near you here.

Shared with ❤


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