Emery Dress Pattern by Christine Haynes; Plaid w/ Collar

Today I am sharing photos from a dress I made for my sister. For this dress I used the, quarter sleeve with a collar, Emery Pattern by Christine Haynes. I loved this pattern so much I also made another one for myself in the short sleeve, with no collar and a bow. That pattern review will be available on my blog tomorrow.


The Emery Pattern and many others is available at PileOfabric.com.


The fabric my sister chose was Folk Plaid by Art Gallery.

This is the softest cotton I have ever worked with. It drapes very nice and is perfect for dresses.


Once I read through the pattern, cut out all the pattern pieces, and cut out the fabric, I started with the bodice pleats.


I marked them on the wrong side of the fabric then folded them in half and sewed along the lines.

I did this same step to the back and the lining pieces, then pressed them flat.
IMG_5821Next, I added the pockets to the skirt front and back pieces, gathered the waist of the skirt and sewed it to the bodice. When making clothes I like to finish my stitches with a serger to give it a clean look and to keep the seams from fraying when washed. IMG_5826

Getting to this step went pretty quick and smooth. The directions were very easy to follow up to this point.

The next step was adding the invisible zipper. I had to press the teeth down and sew it to the back with my zipper foot.
IMG_5831 IMG_5834

After attaching the zipper I started on the collar. I had never done a collar like this before, it wasn’t hard, just several steps to follow to make sure it was centered and even. I guess I got distracted because I forgot to take any more photos before I finished 🙂 I also added the bodice lining, sleeves and hemmed the bottom of the skirt. I did take photos of these steps on the dress I made for myself, again those will be available on my blog tomorrow.

It is not easy making a dress for someone who’s not there. I couldn’t have her try it on as I went but I think it turned out pretty good.


IMG_5840 IMG_5848 First time I made an invisible zipper actually look invisible. Yay!!


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