Emery Dress Pattern by Christine Haynes: Linen w/ Bow

This is part 2 of the Emery Dress Pattern by Christine Haynes. Today I will be sharing photos of the, Short Sleeve with Bow, Emery Dress. I made my sister this same dress but with quarter sleeves and a collar. You can see the pattern review for her dress here. I didn’t add the collar to mine because I love the idea of wearing a statement necklace with this dress.


The Emery Pattern is available at PileOFabric.com.


I wasn’t sure which fabric I wanted to use so I just picked the one I had enough of, a pink floral linen. I decided this year that I am not allowed to buy anymore fabric until I use what I have, ha, we will see how long that lasts. So far I am doing pretty good.

Once I had read through the pattern, cut out all my pattern pieces, and fabric pieces I started with the bodice pleats. I drew them on the wrong side of the fabric with a pencil. IMG_5885Then I folded my pleats in half, sewed along the line and then pressed the pleats.IMG_5904

Next, I had to attach the front bodice to the back at the shoulders and sides. IMG_5905

I finished the seams with a serger.IMG_5909I attached the pocket pieces to the front and back skirt pieces.IMG_5894Then I laid them right sides together and sewed along the sides with the pockets.IMG_5899After attaching the top piece to the gathered skirt I used the serger again to finish the edges.IMG_5910I attached the zipper to the back ( I did not have an invisible zipper).IMG_5912

IMG_5913Next, I pinned the my lining bodice piece to the exterior piece, right sides together, and sewed just along the zipper first.IMG_5914Then the pattern had me fold the top of the zipper over, pin and sew along the neck line.

IMG_5915Before turning right sides out I had to cut little triangles along the neckline.IMG_5916Once it was turn right sides out I pressed the neckline, pressed the bottom of the lining under and pinned it along the waistline. Then hand stitched the lining to the serged seam on the waistline. This takes a little time but makes taking this dress on and off a lot easier. IMG_5918I attached the sleeves and serged the edges. IMG_5919The last step was to hem the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. I debated whether or not I wanted to put the bow on. I am very glad that I did. It finishes this dress off nicely. IMG_5921This dress went much quicker the second time because I wasn’t stopping to read the directions at every step.


Handmade with ❤


Needles & Nails


2 thoughts on “Emery Dress Pattern by Christine Haynes: Linen w/ Bow

  1. Adorable dress and great job! I like the dress for sis, too. The pattern envelope makes the dress waistline seam appear to be at the waist. However, in person, it appears to be above the waist. Where does the waistline seam fall for you? Just curious. Again, great job.

    • Thanks Susan! The waistline in the pattern is actually adjustable as well. My sisters was the longest, which was at the waist and mine was the shortest, which is just below the bust line.

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