DIY Pallet Swing; RELAX and enjoy spring

So after many summers in my backyard I have had enough with hammocks. I decided I was not going to spend another penny on them. I have 2 acres and my family and I spend a lot of time in our back acre. I don’t want to take the hammock down and put it away every time I use it. If I don’t, it molds, gets eaten by mice, muddy from my kids and then it’s not so relaxing.

I just want to lay down and RELAX!!

So this winter I was looking at my pile of pallets and trying to figure out how I could build a swing that:

doesn’t need cushions (that would get eaten),

could fit my husband and I both,

was comfortable,

and could stay up year round.


I started with a pallet. I used a reciprocating saw to cut through the nails on the bottom 3 front boards and back 2 boards. Next, I cut through the rest of the nails on the outside 2×4’s. Then I nailed the 2×4’s back on BUT moved them in 1 1/2″. I also took a few of the boards that I removed and filled in the gaps.


Then I placed it inside the first gap of another pallet and let it recline back. I had to set the bottom pallet up on a couple 5 gallon buckets first. That way the ends would fit through. After I had the back where I wanted it I screwed it in place and sawed off the extra 2×4 that was hanging out the bottom.


Next came stain and eye bolts. I made sure that the bolts were big enough to hold the weight of 2 pallets & 2 adults.

IMG_4351 Once the stain was dry all I had to do was hang it. I bought a 2×6’s and attached it to a couple strong trees with long lag screws. I used nylon rope and some crazy strong knots by my husband to hang it.

That was it, so simple

and so…


IMG_6062 IMG_6063 IMG_6061

Now all I need is some warm weather and I’m all set 🙂

Built with ❤


Needles & Nails


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