My Family Garden/ Greenhouse Part 1

Part 1: The Greenhouse Project

In the spring of 2017 I was ready to get my hands dirty again building after getting pregnant in June of 2015. I had an idea…that’s how it always starts. I saw these cute little greenhouses on Pinterest made out of old picture frames. I went to several Goodwills, Salvation Army, and even thought about buying new frames. Just seemed too expensive, so I decided to start looking for old windows to make it a little bigger. My go to at the time was our Local Habitat Re-store. I found 6 3’x3′ storm windows and a large 3’x6′ window for $40. By the time I got home from the store I had a whole new idea, oh no. Now I wanted to build a greenhouse that I could start my seedling in and grow flowers in the spring. With no plans whatsoever I just started building.I used ALL reclaimed wood.

I had old cedar from a swing set we tore down, pallets from my stash, and…my awesome neighbor gave my all the wood from his old fence. I started by making a frame for the roof windows, front windows, and large window. I pretty much created a plan in my head based on the size of the window panels.


I decided to build it next to my garden. I secured 4 pallets (made from 2’x6’s) together as my floor and base for the greenhouse. I set the pallets on large square pavers to help extend the life of the wood floor. I bought a few treated 2’x4’s to build my exterior frame and placed the window panels on the roof and front. I then began to cover the rest of the exterior walls with old fence boards. The roof I used my recycled cedar.


I worked on it all spring and most of the summer. A little bit everyday. With a 1yr old helper that’s all I could do.


I finished by covering the pallet floor with fence boards, building a door, and painting the greenhouse to match our barn. I hung a couple rows of wire shelving inside and a small wooden work space.


I wasn’t finished with the greenhouse in time to grow my seedlings that year but I did grow a lot of flowers and herbs. I’m looking forward to the snow melting and the temperatures warming up this year so I can start playing in there again. If you had a green house what would you grow?

The whole project turned into a Family Garden. 🙂

More photos & blogs to come.

Family Garden

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Built with ❤


Needles & Nails


4 thoughts on “My Family Garden/ Greenhouse Part 1

  1. Very cute. Are you going to insulate it? Watch out for bunnies. They love to live in that space created by the pallet base….I speak from experience. They chewed through my floor one night and ate my plants!!!!

    • Thanks! No, not going to insulate it. It gets pretty warm in the summer and I want to grow plants & flowers year round. It holds the heat pretty good in the summer and I’m afraid I would cook my plants lol. My husband installed a simple mister system inside so I don’t have to water everyday and the plant love the humidity.

    • Yeah, if your plans are flexible I definitely recommend Habitat for your windows. Just make sure they are shatter proof, some old windows aren’t. That’s why I went with storm windows. I needed them to be able to stand up against the crazy Ohio weather 🙂

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